Two steps forward one step back - Week 2

Week 2 update on my healing journey has been a little mixed. I was starting to feel better at the beginning of the week, finding space and motivation for yoga and making lots of healthy meals.

Then after a few busy and stressful days at work PLUS the arrival of my period I was really feeling low, lost and overwhelmed. Although my Naturopath has told me not to worry too much about the Candida yet, as we are focussing on getting my diet stable after removing my intolerances of Sugar + Soy, I couldn’t help but read up this week on the foods to avoid when trying to cure Candida. That led me down a rabbit hole of overwhelming information that seemed to suggest I can’t eat ANYTHING (that’s an overreaction but that’s how I was feeling).

My skin was really hormonal with breakouts and I was struggling not to pick at it, despite my best efforts. It sometimes feels so uncomfortable to wear make up as I do feel like that makes it worse but when it is really bad especially on my chin I find it hard to go out in the world without make up on. I did my best, but definitely picked a bit and felt really bad afterwards as I’m trying to work on just leaving my skin alone to heal. Trying not to beat myself up about that.

I had a social event mid-week at work but couldn’t find the energy to go so I didn’t force myself. Luckily once my period came my mood definitely shifted and a lot of my anxiety and frustration lifted (it’s magic how that happens!) Just as I started feeling good again on Friday I then started feeling a tickle in my throat and a bit stuffy in my nose…within a few hours this had turned into a full blown cold that kept me up a lot of the night. I was out of action then all day Saturday feeling pretty sorry for myself.

The good thing about being sick (trying to see the positives) is that I drank a LOT of water and also did steams with Eucalyptus oil which felt really good and also maybe helped my skin clear a little. This week I’ve been eating mostly vegetables and fruit and very small amounts of quinoa, so it was also suggested to me that I might be experiencing Candida die-off. I haven’t looked into this too much but Candida needs sugar and grains to survive so by eating mostly vegetables I could potentially have created an environment in my body where the Candida is dying. I am not so sure this is happening because I haven’t changed my diet that much and I do know a few of my friends have had colds in the last few weeks, but it’s good knowledge to have for the future. If anyone has experienced Candida die-off please let me know!!

Now I am feeling a little better, this week I definitely want to continue drinking lots of water (and maybe even the steam until my nose is completely clear). I am continuing with the Ashwaganda blend twice I day as well as the Vitamin D. I’ve also been taking Oil of Oregano capsules whilst I’ve been sick as I feel like they do help me recover from coughs and colds.

Although I definitely feel ‘worse’ than I did this time last week in terms of my health, my friends and family are reminding me that healing is not linear and I am learning how to heal myself.